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A "Frouz" defines someone who come from a country of slackers, egoistic people, and greedy bastards, who wouldn't hesitate a second to stab you in the back!

The Frouz would sell his/her mother to get an additional penny or coin. They tend to believe "free" is a synonym for Quality.
The less money they spend on anything, the more they can save and keep for themselves!
The Frouz will always try to get a service/product for its lowest value, no matter how that hinders the quality of the product or at someone else's expense!

Only because it's FREE!

A young boy and girl are having dinner at a restaurant. At the reception of the bill, the boy will do the Frouz, and go to the restroom/WC to avoid paying the dinner!
by TheUndeniableTruth1 November 10, 2011
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