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12 definitions by TheTraveler

Texting while getting a Blowjob.
Just for kicks I'll text you while she's blowin me. LOL Ya know, a little Text n Head.
by TheTraveler November 22, 2009
Overweight person texting and sweating perfussly.
Look at that textopottumus over there. Ya, I heard one escaped from the food court earlier. LOL
by TheTraveler November 22, 2009
Acronym for:
Head Dick In Charge
Heard on most any construction site. Hey, who's the H.D.I.C. around here?

head dick boss foreman supervisor owner client
by TheTraveler November 04, 2011
Texting while you are getting your pussy licked.
Textilingus baby! Don't hate my friends. texting going down eat me lick me text me suck me fingering
by TheTraveler November 09, 2009
like xanalium for relaxation. combo of Valium and xanax for the really stressful days
Work was difficult and christmas family get togethers were too much so I decided to have a valxanax.
by TheTraveler December 25, 2009
When you should be writing a report for school or work, but instead you blow off your responsibilities and go for a ride.
Derived from: writing and riding
I promised my boss I would have my Summary Report finished over the weekend. Instead of writing the report, I decided to go riding. However, I stayed up late and finished the report and therefor technically I was wriding all night.
BTW.....Ungrateful boss fired me today.
I will be writing my updated resume.....After I get back from the track.
See: "bAssole" for definition of my Boss
writing riding working slacking report ritting writting
by TheTraveler November 04, 2011
A Virtual "Punch" given or received from a cell phone.
My friend texted me a terrible picture, I think I will send him a "Cell Phone Punch".
Revenge Love Hateful Hug Reply
by TheTraveler August 10, 2011