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1 definition by TheSmartest PersonEver

1. your face (n)
2. an offensive word (n)
3. to fail (v)
4. your mom (n)
5. your life (n,adj)
6. could also be used as an adjective

P.S. This was created by the three smartest people in the universe; TK,YK,JK
1. your face is so nuddy
2. stop being such a nud.
3. omg you're embarrassing me. don't nud.
4. your mom is so ugly, she's the nuddiest nud ever
5. i feel bad for you man, your life is nuddy as heck!
6. nuddy, nuddiest, etc
7. Ew, she's such a nud. She likes Justin Bieber. EW.
by TheSmartest PersonEver July 24, 2011