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A large, hairy, usually angry seeming individual. Most often spotted during extreme music events, or during some form of violent sporting events. It is usually used with equal measures of awe, fear and respect.

Alternitavely it can be used to describe yourself when wishing to seem more imposing.
"woah man...look at that crazy viking motherfucker!!"

"who should I kick off too?"
"anyone but that crazy viking motherfucker...that dudes huge!"

"i'm a crazy viking motherfucker, and i will get medieval on your ass if you don't get the fuck away from me RIGHT NOW!"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004
Something that you find awesome in an incredibly nerdy way. Often used by closet nerds when discussing nerdy things away from their non-nerd friends.

Is not exactly an insult, but its use usually involves the users making fun of themselves to some degree.
"man...you should see the new Space Marine codex...its totally nerdtacular!"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004
being so drunk that you can't walk or stand properly, but are still with it enough not to just sit down and pass
"Haha Mackie I'm gonna get you totally stumblefucked!"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004
A location (usually a bar) filled with people who could be defined as sketchy.

Alternatively a large gathering of sketchy people.
"lets get out of here man...its a total sketchfest"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004
meticulous + ridiculous...

used to describe things like monty python or hitchhikers guide to the galaxy where the utmost care is taken to make things as perfectly ridiculous as possible.
wow...that stunt he planned was just mediculous
by TheSanityAssassin November 10, 2004
A person who has become a complete and utter follower of another group or person. He/she will act on their whim without any thought about how stupid he/she will look or the consequences of said actions. They are usually regarded with a mixture of contempt and amusement by those whom they "serve"
"he's not their friend, he's just their monkey butler"

"hey man, get me a beer"
"fuck off, make the monkey butler do it"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004
something you wish to give to a person/thing that you really hate

generally a horribly painful way of killing someone

the term is also perfect for death metal lyrics
"if that bastard comes near her again i'm gonna stick his head in an acid bath"

"This Next Song...Is Called...ACID BATH HOMICIDE!!"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004

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