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One of the many nutrients obtainable via blowjob.

It is a little known fact that one of the possible causes of lesbianism may be due to a shortage of, or allergy to, phallic acid. (See also phallergy)
Ellen Degeneres, being a lesbian, clearly suffers from a chronic lack of phallic acid.
by TheRedScourge October 11, 2009
An allergy to penis. See also feminism or lesbians.
Ellen Degeneres, being a lesbian, clearly has a phallergy.
by TheRedScourge October 04, 2009
1) A grey area somewhere between failure and success that people who suck strive for.

2) A feeling of satisfaction after the completion of a blowjob.

3) Someone who has become suckcessful by administering blowjobs in generous quantities.

4) Succeeding at failing, usually humourously.
"Overall, Tom's life had been a suckcess upto this point, but it was about to become not bad."

"Jenni was carving out a niche in the corporate world as a suckcessful office assistant to the CEO."
by TheRedScourge October 30, 2009
What the hooker made out of Vince the Shamwow guy's face.
"Wow, check out that prison photo of Vince the Shamwow guy, that hooker really made vincemeat out of his face!"
by TheRedScourge January 20, 2010
1) To bypass the intent of a person not wanting to spoil something for you by looking it up on Wikipedia.

2) To deny a someone's statement by looking it up on Wikipedia and finding a counterexample.
Danny: If i tell u what Gantz is it'd ruin the story kinda
Me: I could just wikipudiate you
by TheRedScourge August 29, 2011

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