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1.an anime about pirates living in a strange world and i mean very strange, story and drawn by Echiro Oda. the main character's name is Monkey D. Luffy and he wants to be king of the pirates in order to do so he, his crew and signature straw hat must find the legendary treasure of one piece. personally i love this anime it has a great balance of comedy and action. the plot is forever changing and the characters are extremely badass some of the most badass i've ever seen. you can always find a moving story behind each crew member and great laughs.

2. the anime 4-kids (curse them) screwed up causing a huge protest about owning the rights to te show , well we won and the rights belong to Funimation
one piece is an awesome anime

i hate 4-kids tv for what they did to one piece
by TheRedHeadedFanGirl May 26, 2009
1.an old romance/comedy mange written and drawn by HISAYA NAKAJO! the manga ia about the cliche story line of a young girl going to an all boys school disguised as a boy, of course she is doing this for a boy and that boy is her room mate! BUM BUM BUUUUM! also a good friend of hers is having gender issues cause he is attracted to her, and there is a gay doctor.

2. some weird Japaneses show where all the men are extremely attractive i'm too lazy to look into it
by TheRedHeadedFanGirl May 26, 2009

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