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The result of an oompa loompa fucking a troll doll, to create a weird troll like creature that wants "smush smush" Known for being easier than a sex doll and for violating Eric Cartman.
Snooki want smush smush!
by Therapist45 October 29, 2010
The dumbest entity in the history of the universe. Completely incapable of learning anything. Thinks running a prevent defense every play is a good idea. Took Syracuse from a respectable program to a complete laughing stock, he is now destroying a once proud Michigan team, if his IQ was 50 points higher he'd be a rock.
Greg Robinson: I think I'll play prevent on a 2nd and inches
by therapist45 November 07, 2010
Peyton Manning's gay lover, they often have butt sex. General faggot.
(Peyton runs into room crying like a little girl)
Kenny Chesney: What's wrong hun?
Peyton: WAAAAAAH! That mean bully Tracy Porter ruined my game, and my line sucks waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Kenny: There there Peyton, I still love you.
Peyton: Sniff, can we still have butt sex?
Kenny: Sure
(Little does Peyton know, Kenny is cheating on him with the neighbors gerbil)
by TheRapist45 February 21, 2010
A grossly overrated quarterback who despite having the best offensive line and receivers money can buy chokes horribly in the playoffs against supposedly lesser teams. Also known as Tom Brady's bitch. Whenever he chokes he blames his teammates for his own stupidity.
Manning back to pass has Garcon and Clark wide open, but he forces it to Wayne, picked by Tracy Porter, he's gone! Manning back to pass, has all day to throw, looks for Harrison but throws it right to Ty Law for the 4th time. Peyton Manning: It's all my lines fault! Our defense blew it! Reggie Wayne is a bad reciever! WAAAAAAH! Tom Brady then tapes Peyton to the goal post, chugs a Sam Adams then throws the bottle 100 yards right in Peyton's face.
by therapist45 November 07, 2010

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