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Main Entry: sreeram
Function: noun, verb, adjective
Inflected Form(s): sreerammed; sreeramming
Etymology: Derived from the intransitive verb "ram" with added emphasis
Pronunciation: shree-ram
Date: 21st century

1: to get owned
2. to describe a failed attempt
3: the process of ramming a vehicle into an inanimate object
1. Dave got sreerammed when a glass of cold water was poured over his work area.

2. Matt was about to sreeram Brent after someone kept applying the filter keys to his computer.

3. Greg learned he was utterly sreerammed after finding out someone stole his engine in the parking lot.

4. When learning to drive, Seth tried his hardest not to sreeram the curb at Buffalo Wild Wings.

5. Using P2P software at work is a good way to get sreerammed.
by TheRaminator November 19, 2009
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