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A bullshit spewing corporate entity of "Christians" who are really slaves to the Republican agenda to destroy America, promote bigotry (for all members of FOTF who are reading this, a bigot is a racist moron, just thought you might want to know), return the world to the political and social system of The Middle Ages, and a return to the old "men first, women last" ideals of old. AND they are like most Republicans: unable to defend themselves when called out on their (pick one) racism, homophobia, love of dictatorships (I'm not kidding, look at their review of Mirror's Edge), and intolerance of "swearing."

BTW, krock1dk is a shit head who is MAJORLY fucked up by propaganda from FOTF, Republican politicians, and Fox News. Oh wait, they are all the same.
Me: When you criticize "bad language," you are being elitist. The f-word is "offensive" today because the Upper Class of England said so, because the lower class said it.

Focus on the Family: Saying "f--- you" is tantamount to verbal homicide. The Bible has ALOT to say about that.

Me: ??? Uhm, you didn't even hear what I said, did you?

(Real Conversation I had with them)
by TheOneInsideOfYoBrain September 26, 2009

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