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There's two kinds in the modern world:

The cool ones with Italian accents, Tommy Guns and Tuxedos/Suits. (Deceased, but proud of them existing)

The really stupid ones that walk around like Gorillas wearing saggy pants, do-rags, and carrying Handguns, AK-47's, Machine guns, doing Graffiti, Crack, Meth, Heroin, Weed, and are stupid enough to hate racism, yet cause racism.

15 year old boy: "Um, hello?"

30 year old Gangsta: "Wazzup white trash, Bleach Stain, Cracka? da fuck ya doin here??"

Boy: "Nothing, dude"

Gangsta: "Dun be callin' me dude, muthafucka, I'll kill ya!" -bang bang-

Bloodz, Cripz, MS-13, Norteneo, Sureneo, are examples of Modern day gangs that terrorize the streets of innocent people and are proud of their acts of Murder, Violence, and whatever the fuck you wanna add.

Stupid assholes who love to kill babies, women, children and older people, who would like to kill anyone who is not their color, and just love being ignorant. School is dead to them, and they are proud to support that.

Teacher: "Ok, will anyone tell me what the answer is to number one? William?"

Gangster: "Nu-Uh nigga, my name be Trekka, so fuck dis shit, fuck you, FUCK YOU ALL, HAHA, I hope you gon' die, cuz educashun is stupid, got dat? SCHOOL ISH STUPID, FUCKIN' NIGGA CRACKA ASS WHITE TEACHA, Fuck dis place"

Teacher: "....Uh-huh."

Shit-stains like these should be erased from the planet.
#terrible #murder #gangs #stupid #edumacation
by TheLast1Alive July 09, 2010
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