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On Facebook, when you hover over your "like" button with the mouse and the text popup says "No one currently likes this." Even tho you have at least 1 "like" Showing up.

Mainly cause by who ever liked your status or comment blocked you, or you may have blocked them.
You: Hey that's weird! Someone like'd my comment. But when I cover over it, it says "No one Currently likes this"

Facebook Friend: I see it, it says "First Name Last Name likes this!"

You: Than that person might've blocked me afterwards. So it's an Invisible "Like". lol
by TheJMaster06 February 04, 2013
1. An offensive term against autistic kids.

2. Kids who are in special ed.

3. Kids that ride the short bus.

4. Retarded, Brain Dead

5. People who acts retarded. Enhancing # 3

6. Kids with mental disabilities

7. Autistic kids in wheelchairs.
Damn I though this kid wouldn't get a real girlfriend only a sped one.

You All Are nothing but a bunch of sped's that have no lives.

Fuck off, You Sped!!
by TheJMaster06 August 19, 2008

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