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2 definitions by TheGreek209

A combination of both an alcohol shot and a roofie, the date rape drug Sh(shot) oofie(roofie). Similar to a Roofie Calada but with much quicker consumption and affect.
Emilie was given a shoofie and woke up surrounded by a group of nude men not remebering a thing.

Melissa has three shoofie's and gang banged the whole party in a blur.
by TheGreek209 January 23, 2011
When 3 or more persons pile on top of eachother during an orgy, producing a sandwich like structure. Preferably male,female, then male......but will also work for gay people as well.
Everyone at the party felt so hot and horny, they all decided to get naked and have a bangwich sesh
by TheGreek209 March 02, 2011