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One who goes to the gym often to get swoll to make himself feel manly. Usually to cover up or hide his gayness. (The 'G' is silent. Pernounced NOYE)
Dude, if you keep lifting like that, everyones gonna think your a Gnoy. You dont want that man! Then youll only be able to pick up mendozas and dollases
by TheG0BLIN IX January 06, 2008
Another term more commonly used is Bitch. Often bosses, or even teachers have one person that is their Snydawggg or Bitch. (Or Teacher's Pet, when in school) The Snydawgg usually HATES being the snydawggg, and usually hates the one 'commanding' him.
Man that guys Mr. So n So's Snydawggg
by TheG0BLIN IX January 06, 2008

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