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A funny, black comedian who has a show on Comedy Central. He has done sketch comedy, stand-up, and has starred in several movies. Most of his jokes and material are about ethnic races and drugs. His show on Comedy Central had had two successful seasons. His first season was mostly race material (Most of his 'race jokes' are anti-white in his first season). But his second season was better, for it was more well rounded on jokes. After his second season, he had 'taken a break'. He was supposed to have a third season, but he had never carried it out. From what i've gathered, he has had a mental breakdown. He went from a normal person to one of the greatest comedians in history in a very short time. Such a major change in a short time responsiblity and fame is very hard on a person's mind, and that is what I believe happened to Dave Chappelle. I don't think we will see much of Dave Chapelle in the near future, save re-runs of any of his work. Another interesting fact about him was he wore 60's style golfer caps on almost every episode of his show on Comedy Central.
Dave Chappelle led a great career in the field of Comedy, and left a distinctive mark in history.
by TheDungeonWall April 15, 2006
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