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1. egotist who disrespects others in an attempt to 'be cool' with the aim of generating love interests or elevating his social standing - especially when this behavior takes the form of attention-seeking antics that defy social norms

2. person who appears uncool, unoriginal and insecure due to his or her habit of trying too hard to appear cool or clever or tough or hip or in-style

3. guido, wigger, or anyone who behaves similarly
1. Yeah man, some guy in a candy ass red Porsche pulls a foot in front of me and then slams on his brakes. I wasn't even in the high speed lane. Fucking douchebag.

2. Dude, did you notice that guy who came into the club carrying his motorcycle helmet, with no shirt on? And, get this -- he has a guitar strapped to his back? The douchebag's not even in the band! Like who does he think he is -- Iggy Pop? Talk about trying too hard.

3. Check out the boardwalk here with all these look-alike shitheads wearing their fruity pink shirts with popped collars. Oh man, they've got massive gobs of guido goo in their hair! Sooo funny! I mean, these fucking ass clowns actually believe that they look cool. It's hilarious! And man, don't even get me started on all the trustifarians and wiggers out here -- it's pretty much Douchebag Central here! Ha ha !
by TheCoolestGuyEvah June 13, 2011

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