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a dopemotherfucker. a nigga who might need a pencil frequently
Person 1: this foiool is asking me for a pencil.
Person 2: shit fool, fuck that nigga.
Person 1: what a foiool
The Foiool: whatchu sayin' 'bout me bruhs? im a fuck you up.
by TheBigFoiools December 13, 2010
cooler than okay, yes, or anything else your faggot mind can think of.
person 1: this nigga be begging for a backrub
person 2: shiiiiit. let's get out of here, before this mothafucka guns us down.
person 1: aigh. let's go.
person 2: don't you meanaight?
person 1: fuck you, foiool. same shit
by TheBigFoiools December 13, 2010
1. to be fucked in the asshole by swagger

2: full of swag, energized by swag
Foiool 1: this shit is dope, bruh. its fucking ghetto. you want some?
Foiool 2: aigh, nigga. dayum, i feel hella swagafucked right now.
by TheBigFoiools December 14, 2010

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