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From Dance Dance Revolution (a.k.a. DDR); One More Extra Stage. "Dance Dance Revolution" (the name is the title of the OMES song, as well as the game itself.) The song is played with modifiers Dark (visual landmarks for timing are invisible), Reverse (the arrows, normally scrolling from the bottom-up, now scroll from the top-down), 1.5x (the arrows scroll 1.5 times faster than usual), and Sudden Death (one No Good/NG or non-combo step (good, boo, miss) ends the song).

Acquired by getting a AA on the default Extra Stage song The Legend of MAX, which is played using modifiers Dark, Reverse, 1.5x, and No Recover (the life bar, which usually starts at about 1/2 full and grows with the player's score, starts at full strength, and the player cannot add to this bar; only lose from it).
I finally cleared OMES with 29 greats!
by TheBaldOneMpls September 08, 2004
A nickname for Guinness.
I'm gonna get tore up off of some Irish NyQuil
by TheBaldOneMpls October 20, 2004
Couch-like in quality; soft and/or comfortable.
My girlfriend likes to rest her head on my stomach. She says that I'm couchy.
by TheBaldOneMpls April 25, 2005
Shorthand for "All Good;" Everything is copasetic.
Man, it's A G in the hood.
#all good #ag #good #ok #okay
by TheBaldOneMpls August 25, 2006
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