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A sexual game in which one partner vomits into the mouth of the other. Oftentimes, they will snowball the material back and fourth, alternating between the role of "baby bird" and "mother bird." The game is named for the way baby birds are fed by their mother in nature.
My teeth are messed up because I played Baby Birds with my girlfriend one too many times.
by theassmurderer June 19, 2013
the act of ejaculating onto a sleeping persons outstretched palm and then tickling their nose. Ideally, the victim will wipe their face with the freshly cumsoaked hand.
I gave Suzy a Norwegian nose tickle last night.
by theassmurderer December 11, 2012
a show for simpletons who think sophistication is comical.
Steve's ideal day involves eating at Chic-Fil-A, playing a long game of CODBO, masturbating to child pornography, and watching The Big Bang Theory.
by TheAssMurderer September 15, 2011

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