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10 definitions by TheAssMurderer

A German term roughly meaning "funny and sad at the same time."
It was laffensadden when I found out the times square elmo was just a racist homeless man in a costume.
by TheAssMurderer August 20, 2013
the act of ejaculating onto a sleeping persons outstretched palm and then tickling their nose. Ideally, the victim will wipe their face with the freshly cumsoaked hand.
I gave Suzy a Norwegian nose tickle last night.
by theassmurderer December 11, 2012
a show for simpletons who think sophistication is comical.
Steve's ideal day involves eating at Chic-Fil-A, playing a long game of CODBO, masturbating to child pornography, and watching The Big Bang Theory.
by TheAssMurderer September 15, 2011