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The act of hopping a fence or otherwise entering a property for the purpose of having sexual intercourse with pets and/or livestock.
The locals were disgusted when they discovered that Bob had been fence hopping.
by theassmurderer July 25, 2010
N. An exit maneuver that is performed after walking into an awkward or otherwise undesirable situation. It consists of walking or scuffling backwards while undulating the arms along the anterior region of the transverse plane, imitating the way the chambered nautilus swims. A person performing the reverse nautilus will try to forget what has been seen.

V. To do the reverse nautilus.
N. When I saw my little brother masturbating, I did the reverse nautilus.

V. Last night I ran into my roommate having sex, and I promptly reverse nautilused out of there.
by TheAssMurderer January 10, 2010
An insecure person characterized by his or her tendency to prevent their sexual parter from participating in sex acts with others.
Tom: Hey Bob, your girlfriend was a great fuck last night.
Bob: I'll kill you!
Tom: Don't be such a mate guard.
by TheAssMurderer June 22, 2011
The fear of killing. According to the Center for Mental Disorders (CMD), cidephobia is specified as a condition in which a person either has an intense desire not to kill people, experiences recurrent urges not to kill, or fantasies about a world in which everyone gets along. Cidephobia is recognized as a clinical disorder by the CDM. It has been shown in numerous studies that cidephobia has negative effects on a person's ability to enjoy killing. If you or a loved one suffer from cidephobia, they should see a psychiatrist immediately.
John: Hey Paul! Kill that mofo!
Paul: I can't due to my cidephobia.
John: Aw damn Paul, you seriously need to get some help.
by TheAssMurderer September 14, 2009
A mixture of beer and scotch.
Never drink hopscotch.
by TheAssMurderer August 31, 2011
the romantic and sexual pursuit of middle aged women.
Girls my own age have always been intimidated by me, but I've had much more success after I started playing center field.
by TheAssMurderer September 13, 2011
A German term roughly meaning "funny and sad at the same time."
It was laffensadden when I found out the times square elmo was just a racist homeless man in a costume.
by TheAssMurderer August 20, 2013

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