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A "Republican Kamikaze" is a person that thinks Humans have (ZERO) impact on the Earth, and that even if Humans did damage something; God would wave his magic hands and fix our mistakes. So people with this mindset have no limitations on doing things that may have a Negative impact on Everyone/Everything else (Over-Breeding, Over-Consuming, Over-Polluting, Wars, Segregation, Religious-Fanatics, Ect). The term "Kamikaze" is taken from the Kamikaze Japanese Fighter-Pilots that would purposely crash their plans into American/Allied Navel vessels during World War II. The Pilots would do this in the hopes that their actions would create massive Death & Destruction to enemy forces; even though the Pilots would also die in the process. The term "Republican" is used, because the core of Republican ideals is based on being Conservative (AKA Ignorant), and being Conservative literally means "Opposed To Change Or Innovation). This Ignorance combined with their warped Religious views; creates an attitude wherein a person doesn't see a potential (FUTURE) consequence, from their (CURRENT) shortsighted actions. But technically not all Republican's have this way of viewing the world;. So a Republican Kamikaze is more of a Stereotype term that can be applied to (ANYONE) with this way of thinking.
(MAN 1) My Wife And I Are Thinking About Having A Child. (MAN 2) Really? That's good. Is this your first child? (MAN 1) No, I have 10 kids already. (MAN 2) What? If You Already Have 10 Kids, Then Why Do You Want More? (MAN 1) Well, I Have Always Wanted 20 Kids. (MAN 2) Why Though? The World Doesn't Even Have Enough Resources For The Population That Already Exists Right Now. So Every Additional Child You Have Puts Your Other Children's futures in jeopardy. (MAN 1) Yeah Right! God Says In the Bible To Keep Creating More Humans; So He Will Always Take Care Of Us. (MAN 2) Dude; What If The Bible Is Wrong? The Universe Is Giant And We May Have Been Forgotten About A Lot Time Ago. We May Be The Kids Left Alone In The Candy Store; With No Parents To Come Rescue Us If We Eat Too Much Candy. (MAN 1) Your Crazy! Humans Don't Have That Much Of An Impact! And If We Need More Resources; We Can Just Take Them From Another County! (MAN 2) No, You Are The Crazy One! Your A Republican Kamikaze Who's Ignorant Views Could Cause Everything On Earth To Die! (MAN 1) Well I Have The Right To Do What I Want, And You Can't Stop Me! People Have Something Called "Rights"; As Long As They Aren't Gay, Female, Ethnic, Poor, Non-Religious Or Anything Else That Is different. (MAN 2) Were Doomed......
by The2ndFlood January 30, 2010
Lockup is a documentary which airs on MSNBC. The show documents inmates serving time in jails and prisons. "You Know?" is the most commonly said phrase; which is used excessively by almost every single inmate. So Lockup - You Know? comes from the simple fact that the show is called "Lockup", and that every episode will include people that will say "You Know?" at the end of each one of their sentence.
Roses are red, you know? Violets are blue, you know? The inmates on Lockup can't articulate their thoughts without saying you know, you know? So it ends up being all about Lockup - You Know?
by the2ndflood July 02, 2010
The terms "Porn Boxie" refers to the methods used by Adult Film Production Companies, wherein they use Misleading-Titles And/Or Incorrect Video-Covers; for the purposes of (Intentionally) misleading consumers into buying their videos.
I Wonder What Involutions Will Come Into Effect In The Next 20 Years? I See A World Free Of Crime And Suffering. I See A World Where Everyone Lives In Harmony. I See A World Where Companies Will No Longer Use Porn Boxie To Trick People. So When I Buy an Adult DVD Named "All Asian Chicks";There Will Be At Least 1 Asian Chick In The Movie! What A Wonderful Future That Will Be!
by The2ndFlood January 30, 2010
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