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A large, prehistoric family sedan, sold in Australia by Holden motor company.

As technologically advanced as fossilized wood, they are a very user friendly car for the simple minded, thus, common in Australia. Equipped with a slow, noisy, automatic transmission and either a "rattletec" 3.8L v6 designed in 1988 or an even older 5L pushrod v8, the pitiful power per litre figure is reflected by its inherant lack of fuel economy or reliability.

Although it handles like a bag of mollasses, this barge is worshipped by bogans for is ability to allow even physically and/or mentally disabled drivers to do burnouts. Usually performance mods consist of 17 inch chromies, altezza taillights and 2 subwoofers. The younger owners usually purchase the cars due to a lack of intelligence, funds or pride. Thus, the car earned the nickname "conformadore".

Holdens "performance" line, "HSV", fail to realise that slapping a bodykit on a family commuter does not make it a sportscar.

Claimed to be an iconic Australian car, engines and drivetrains are sourced from american company GM.
WOW! a one handed burnout? must be a commodore.

That convoy of commodores is driven by 18yo virgins.

The commodore understeered into a tree at 20km/h, lucky it wasnt a good car.

Commodores suck.
by The truthbringer May 19, 2005
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