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5 definitions by The real Kyda

The debris that falls off an unkempt vagina. Such items include: toilet paper, lint, pussy dandruff, pubic lice, etc.
Roy got a mouth full of pussycrumbs while orally pleasuring that nasty bitch from Shamokin.
by The real Kyda August 12, 2010
The colorful term used by my brown-skinned neighbors to describe the pot I grew.
Yo son, you got some mo' o dat whiteboy weed we smoked yesterday? That shit sent me to the moon, kid! Whaddya dust dat shit wif crack or sumfin? Yo lemme get some mo' and I'll pay you on Friday, I swear I got a million dollar check coming to me
by The real Kyda December 14, 2010
A party trick, whereby you fool the victim into looking at your penis stretched around your wrist. Usually done while drunk. Originated in Bloomsburg PA in the mid 1990's
Hey ladies, you wanna see my grandfather's watch? Hold on, lemme turn around and put it on real quick...
by The real Kyda August 11, 2010
Used to describe the last of last of your bag of weed; the remnants of buds, usually in the form of shake, that accumulates in the corner of the bag
Yeah I'll smoke you up, but all I got is some dust in the corner, so hold in your hit and make it last (At this point everyone sings "Dusssst in daaa coooooo-nahhhh")
by The real Kyda December 15, 2010
A testicle party trick. With scrotum exposed, one will grasp firmly either testicle, and say to the audience "see? grape!" He then pushes it through the grasp in his hand, only holding onto the wrinkled scrotom that was previously stretched tight around the testicle (the result resembling a hairy raisin), which is his cue to tell his audience "now it's a raisin!". Usually done while drunk and on ritilan. Originated in Bloomsburg PA in the mid-1990's
Who wants to see grape to raisin? And have you ever seen my grandfather's watch?
by The real Kyda August 11, 2010