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2 definitions by The powers that be

(adv) The state of fitting a racial stereotype.
A person of African decent enjoying a watermelon is racistisity.

A Hispanic or Latino playing soccer.

Person 1: "My Jewish banker made me millions in the stock market."

Person 2: "Well, that is racistisity for you."

An Asian who is a bad driver.
by The Powers That Be August 28, 2012
73 3
A move maker. Believes in the move making code; always be true to the moves that you make. And never ever ever ever makes unnecessary moves. Much like a chess player, each move is correctly calculated and played out with an impeccable timing. The moves of a true move maker are never made unless strategically planed; this is because they are made with the highest level of accuracy and craftsmanship.

A move making artist, a taymur, moves with the speed and precision of an East African cheetah. You will never spot him even though he has spots, you never see him even though he is visible, and you will never fear him but know that he is feared by many.

A taymur, is a man of many faces and if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting him, you would not know what hit you.
As you know the moves make the man, and I'm all taymur.
by The powers that be April 17, 2008
25 12