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Coming from the ever so famous word "douche," a douche pup is one who is a douche in the making. A semi- douche. A bastard.
Person A: "Hey baby! Want to see my rather large shennanigan?"

Woman: "You bastard! How dare you!"

She walks away

Person A: That line never works! I don't get it! Its huge!

Person B: "Hey listen here ya douche pup! Ladies prefer gentlemen!"
by The one and only PB April 29, 2007
Formerly defined in stature in the redneck forests of Kentucky, the word was popularized by the Great Bubba. In nature, the word Fyuckin Fyaggit can loosely be translated as a description for a man or woman who is completely fucking retarded and has no knowledge of how to be a human being.
Person A: Look at Randy fucking the dog! What a fyuckin fyaggit!

Person B: Dude that Fyuckin Fyaggit is your sister!
by The one and only PB April 28, 2007
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