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2 definitions by The one and only PB

Coming from the ever so famous word "douche," a douche pup is one who is a douche in the making. A semi- douche. A bastard.
Person A: "Hey baby! Want to see my rather large shennanigan?"

Woman: "You bastard! How dare you!"

She walks away

Person A: That line never works! I don't get it! Its huge!

Person B: "Hey listen here ya douche pup! Ladies prefer gentlemen!"
by The one and only PB April 29, 2007
3 4
Formerly defined in stature in the redneck forests of Kentucky, the word was popularized by the Great Bubba. In nature, the word Fyuckin Fyaggit can loosely be translated as a description for a man or woman who is completely fucking retarded and has no knowledge of how to be a human being.
Person A: Look at Randy fucking the dog! What a fyuckin fyaggit!

Person B: Dude that Fyuckin Fyaggit is your sister!
by The one and only PB April 28, 2007
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