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Similar to the term "landlord" but is someone who owns a riduculas amount of property and rents it out at stupidly high prices.
Person 1: Hey there I just moved here from Washington, Im living in a flat over their.

Person 2: Wow dude rally, that guys such a Landhore.
by The ninja assasin June 27, 2010
A guy with big bushy eyebrows and medium height. He is always the last to get a joke and even then he still won't laugh at it. As soon as you think he's your freind he's fucked off with someone else, to do the physics coursework. He gives out high fives at times but generally Ollie is a dick.
Person 1: Hey Ollie I'm so hyped to do this physics coursewrok with you, wait what are you doing with charles.

Ollie: Yeah....
by The ninja assasin June 30, 2010

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