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1 definition by The lucky friend of a Camden

The girl that gets a Camden is extremely lucky. When he cares about someone, he goes all in. He has a very wild heart and won't want to settle down unless he feels that you're worth it and he thinks things through well so if he doesn't think he's ready he also won't for your sake.

A Camden is also very intelligent; his mind is very complex.

He might play the guitar, and he might have a really sexy deep voice. He's charming with the ladies and will win your heart easily, but he really does prefer casual relationships so don't get too attached.

He isn't quick to trust, so when you gain his trust it's a real accomplishment. He will always be there for you, cuz he's a true friend.

A Camden is very rare indeed. He will make you smile with his sarcasm, and he will never fail at making you feel alright no matter what kind of day you're having.

A Camden is anything but needy. He can take care of himself, and doesn't need to talk to a ton of people to feel complete. He has a few close friends and that's all he needs.
You should go talk to Camden.
by The lucky friend of a Camden July 24, 2011
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