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Common parallels:

1.|Bros before bitches
2.|Bros before boxes
3.|A Man code article
4.|A Bro code article
5.|Friends before females

Terms needing defined:

1. BRO | A bro in definition (if you are male) is a male you have a bond with. Most commonly referred to as friendship;friend.

2.>HOE;(HO) A woman, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, wife or ex-wife. Any such subset.

"Bros before hoes"

1.> This term is a commonly referred to section of the "unwritten" "Man code" which refers to Men putting their friends or "brothers" before women. As it is respectful of one to treat those whose friendship was earned and is now respected above a woman who has not earned it.


subject 1: "Hey man"
subject 2: "what's up?"
subject 1: "I was thinking about asking that girl out over

there ,but i heard she was your ex girlfriend and

I was like nah Bros before hoes man."
subject 2: "Damn straight"
subject 1: "Real men follow the man code"
subject 2: "True, True."


Common place of this term has fallen out of usage as most men currently lack the fortitude to convey such morality and strength. I fear this term and the actions it conveys will be lost forever as chivalry, respect, and courage have in our "modern" society.
Examples of this terms meaning will be shown below.

1.: Refer to "usage" at the bottom for a common example.

2.: A woman wants her soon to be husband to lose his friends as she does not like them for petty reasons. A man would not allow this to happen.

3.: A man sees a woman that he wished to engage in conversation, as does his friend. In this instance the one with less interest or more luck in the field of women should leave the avenue as it is respectful to the other person.

4.: A man is stuck on the freeway and calls his friend to help him, he refuses because he wishes to do something with his girlfriend rather than help his friend in need. This man is not a man at all.

5.: A man cancels set plans with friends because his girlfriend wants to do something with him. This man is also not a man.

Because bros before hoes
Bros before hoes
by The last concious man June 21, 2009

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