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When a friend or person prevents one from hooking up with a potentional mate. Usually done on purpose by a friend or person that will go to extreem lengths to prevent one from hooking up or getting some. Can be done by accedent, but usually not likely. Also know as cock blockers or cock blocking, these indeviduals of interception usually have the hater mentallity of, "Fuck that guy/girl!!, If I can't get it, they can't eather!!, or the famous I'm just going to fuck this up for this person because I'm a HATER!!! Also known as purpratrating hating, ass deflecting or scary ass. These Interceptive, bypassing, mercenaries must be stopped!!!
"I was macking on a girl and my so called friend was butting in on the conversation, then pointing out my flaws, then trying to bring up my old relationships, then bug-a-booed the girl all around, then tried to tell her to call him in a different language(they both spoke the same second language), Then followed us around the whole night(even falling asleep by us then wakeing up at the first sign of movement, jumping between us, making me drop her off first and we were entering his(the cock blocker's) drive way, not allowing me or her to exchange phone numbers, this all acts of true COCK BLOCKING, COCK BLOCK, COCK BLOCKED, COCK BLOCKER." true-Mon, July,14,03
by The chun du July 14, 2003

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