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Truely the most deep, exquisite music composers of all time.

In years time, the legendary names of Mozart and Ludvig Van Beethoven will be forgotten with their lewd, crude and amaturish filth that some call 'music'. In their place, the picturesque lyrics and beautiful compositions of Fred Durst will be remembered for their revolutionary music.

Truely talented raw metal band that don't steal their riffs like some amatures *cough*Led Zeppelin*cough* *cough*posers*cough* and watered down lyricists *cough*Tupac*cough*.
The lyrics to Hot Dog teaches crap artists such as the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix that the more you say the 'f' word, the more beautiful your music is.
by The Zombie Tupac July 11, 2005
When rappers aren't good enough lyricists to have fans or just want some publicity, they will copy Tupac and Biggy and set up a beef with another rapper.

Their auidence of mainly wannabe gangsta rich white folk love this because if they meet another wannabe gangsta who listens to a rival of their favourite rapper, they are allowed to exchange poorly thoughtup insults such as 'yo mama'.
The Game: Grrr...I am rich, famous but I am street which means I am required by law to have a beef with another rapper. 50 cent is fake and so is G-Unit.

50 cent: I am not fake even though after that shooting I am now 76% mechnical parts. I mention my shooting as much as possible because it means I am hardcore and it doesn't occur to people that the shooter was just a lousy shot. I am hardcore so buy my records. If you buy my records, that means you are hardcore, who cares about artistic talent? You're out of G-Unit The Game.
by The Zombie Tupac July 11, 2005
Insult used by ICP fans because their favourite crap rappers use it to insult another crappy rapper. ICP fans are usually very angry because no one undestands them other than other juggalos.

Go on any ICP forum. Half the threads will be able how much Eminem sucks and that all his fans are losers. Eminem does suck but not all his fans hate everyone Eminem hates because some of them think for themselves. ICP fans are OBSESSED with dissing Eminem. We know he sucks, move on and listen to your crappy music.

ICP fans will comment on being hated for the music they enjoy listening to but then scream at in a bloody rage to anyone that doesn't think Eminem totally sucks and that he is the worst thing ever. ICP fans are hypocrites.
ICP Fan: "I hate Eminem!"
Music Fan: "At last, someone finally learnt that. Was it his whining lyrics or the fact he only became famous because he is white that ticked you off."
ICP Fan: "No, ICP told me to hate them and I find thinking for myself hard and I want Juggalos to like me!"
Music Fan: "...."
by The Zombie Tupac July 13, 2005

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