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wolfbacking is generally performed during "doggy style" or anal intercourse in which a male, the pentrator,reaches around and inserts his index and middle fingers into the penetratee's nose. He will then pull the partners head back causing stretching of the nose and the partners fizog to resemble that of a wolf.

Unlike many other "Wolf" related fun which provides stimulation to the cock, Wolfbacking is based on the fun of fucking someone whilst they look like a big fucking Wolf bitch

Wolfbacking has its origins in Hollywoodford, Hollywoodford males are said to enjoy nothing better than a good old Wolfbacking of a nite
Neil: i fancy going Wolfbacking in hollywoodford?

"Blowden": Fucking come on then, i'm the wolfback mother, cock!!
by The Wolfman July 13, 2006

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