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GameFAQs Message Boards- A place filled to the brim with idiot trolls who overuse pathetic jokes/insults during inappropriate times and incompetent moderators who seem to only want to endanger your account. This place is controlled by "Karma," or basically points rewarded to those who use the board. Basically, a place with all internet inconveniences merged into one. Not a fun place. No, not for anyone, even the trolls.
In GameFaqs Message Boards, I posted a topic asking on good tips for making a character guide for Brawl. Before I knew it, the topic turned into an argument over whether the character sucked or not. Apparently, I was allowed to use the character, but only if I thought the character sucked. Another time I asked for links to a place for downloading some Wii applications, and I was told it was illegal activity, then someone else said I wasn't "cool" enough to help. True stories. I'm not making this up.
by The Wise Traveling Clinic April 19, 2010

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