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2 definitions by The Wangstein

Despite its spelling, it is used more like "Hell as Fuck" in both meaning and pronunciation- etymology and anthropological studies suggests that the "ass" was probably just added to increase the vulgarity of the phrase. It is used as a descriptive phrase to describe any noun which is "Hella Good/Bad" as "Holy Fuck", it can be used to describe both good things and bad things depending on context and how it is said- this is indicative of its origins as spoken vernacular.
That show was Hell ass Fuck! Shi-it!
by The WangStein October 10, 2005
Erection inducing.
Something that is phallic is awesome to the point of being erotic. Also, it can describe something that actually is erotic.
Charleton Heston finds guns phallic.

Dude, that tranny is phallic
by The Wangstein November 12, 2005