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The male version of Bridezilla.
A groom who is being obstinate.
A groom who has to chew out the vendors and caterers.
A groom who will battle his Bridezilla, on top of a miniature of down town Tokyo, over the cost of the wedding photographer.
A male ape who is about to wed.
"When our wedding planner wasn't doing what I asked, my fiancé had to get Groom Kong on her ass."
"When gay marriage is legalized, I'm going to be such a Groom Kong."
"But you quoted us $1200 on the fog machine, not $2500! Ahhh! Anger! Rage! Kong!"
by The Vidiot October 23, 2009
The time period between the year 2000 and 2009, before the great recession, when the majority of North Americans lived way beyond their financial means.
"Flipping houses was so much more profitable in The Excess 0's."

"Back in The Excess O's I drove a double-decker Hummer; now I ride the bus."
by The Vidiot January 17, 2010
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