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2 definitions by The Truth-man

Pretty much the shit. Make sure you're clear on the fact that the word "the" is in there, or else you'll get the meaning all wrong. Iowa is home to the three million nicest people in the United States, probably in the world. A leader in education, and home to some of the most beautiful scenery into the world. It's a traquil beauty, and if you're into that, you'll love Iowa. And if you're not into that, you can go take California or wherever you're from and fuck it.
Person from Iowa: I love Iowa. Everyone there is so nice and there aren't obnoxiously long lines or large crowds.
Person from New Jersey: Well, we have the largest strip mall in the world.
Person from Iowa: Oh. I'm sorry.
Person from New Jersey: I really wish I was from Iowa
Person from one of the other 48 states: Me too.
by The Truth-man October 21, 2007
People from the midwest. Incorrectly stereotyped as:
Conservative (in actuality, the midwest is very balanced between liberal and conservative)
Stupid (Some of the best public education in the nation is in the midwest)

Correctly stereotyped as:

These people are some of the nicest you'll find anywhere. They aren't as interested in materialism and greed as others in America. Very good work ethic.
East Coaster: You midwesterners are stupid hicks, fuck-bag.
Midwesterner: I'm sorry you think that. Would you like to come in for some dinner?
East Coaster: I feel really guilty for being so mean and making such horrible generalizations about such a nice person.
by The Truth-man October 23, 2007