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The show that you watch while your main show is at a commercial. It is usually not as good as your main show.
Dude I was watching Family Guy last night and there was a 12 minute commercial. Good thing I had Spongebob as my Fall Back Program
by The Tree7635 May 05, 2009
When you take a pinch of chewing tobaco or a pouch of chewing tobaco and put it in your mouth. You then accumulate large amounts of "dip spit" in your mouth. You then spit it into a bottle (spitter) or on the ground depending on where you are. This will give you a "buz" until you do it too much and then you need it for the nicotien. Kids don't try this at home you need to be 18 to buy/use tobaco products.
Yo Chris remember when you packed a citrus pouch in liptown dude.

Ya dude i love packing a lip in liptown.
by The Tree7635 August 23, 2009
The grand stands in Marblehead Ma. where faggot teens go to "pack a lip" or use chewing tobaco and look badass because they're 16 and 17 and not really allowed to use tobaco until they're 18.
yo dude i packed at liptown yeasterday

no way bro u get a buz

no not anymore ive packed 4 lips a day for 5 years, I HAVE MOUTH CANCER YEAAA
by The Tree7635 August 23, 2009
The channel for kids ages 5-17. It has shows such as spongebob, fairly odd parents and icarly. It also aired classics such as rugrats doug kablaam ahh real monsters and catdog. It is full of fun for most ages. There is an orange loge that has been changed over teh years.
Nickelodeon is the best channel ever.
by The Tree7635 August 22, 2009

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