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A small country bordered by Fucktardistan and Assholonia
I met Ryan Seacrest in at the Fucktardistan airport on his way to Assholinia, and had a layover in Douchebagadonia.
by The Timmeh November 12, 2008
A small country bordered by Fucktardistan and Douchebagadonia. Rumored to be the Monte Carlo of the Hollywood douchebagatista.
Ryan Seacrest was seen hob-knobbing with Paris Hilton on the beach in Assholonia.
by The Timmeh June 22, 2009
Anyone exhibiting traits or lack of abilities similar to Tim Lankin, a supreme douchebag.
Ryan Seacreast is a douchebag. Tim Lankin is a douchebag supreme
by The Timmeh May 14, 2015
Someone who through themselves or their progeny has no accomplishments whatsoever, but always has an opinion.
Tim Lankins is a douchebag supreme. Just ask his ex.
by The Timmeh May 14, 2015

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