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1 definition by The Three Gentlemen

1. Someone that always bitches about other people yet is a failure himself.

2. Someone who always feels like he has good ideas but actually is just a dumbass.

3. A hybrid between a bitch boy and a faget. An uncultured philistine that believes himself to be a gentleman, when in fact everyone knows he's just a stooge.

4. A clown. But not funny. At all.

5. A kid who has the word "Replica" branded along the side of his dick.
Kenneth is a stooge. He would like think he was a gentleman.

"Hey I heard Kenneth bitching about some pedo before."
"What a stooge."

"Hey I heard Kenneth thought he could take on the Three Gentlemen"
"Is he serious? Wow, what a stooge!."

Julius Caesar was a stooge. So is Kenneth. BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH.
by The Three Gentlemen February 28, 2010
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