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Good game. No rematch, ok? Thanks. Bye!
Used at the end of a real time strategy game.
PWNED! ggnorekthnxbai!
by The Taped Crusader November 30, 2003
1. When someone says something that sounds really dirty but isn't.
2. When someone says something other than what they meant to, resulting in something that sounds really dirty.

Dovids often emanate from my good friend David, and were named by me. The name "Dovid" in particular comes from a comedy routine I saw once.
Some historical Dovids:
1. I was attacked by a whole bunch of guys, but I beat 'em off.

1. Friend A (trying to teach me how to talk like the Overmind: No, it's suupsed to come from way down in your throat.
David: Yeah, that's why they call it "deep throat".

2. Ever get that feeling of menage a trois?
by The Taped Crusader February 16, 2004

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