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2 definitions by The Supavillian

When you sprinkle cocaine onto marijuana, either in the form of a bowl or joint , blunt, spliff or what have you.
" Man, I didn't know till after we puffed that blunt but that sketchy hoe sprinkled the ye on that herb man, them co co puffs really fucked my ass up and not in a wholesome good way, stimulants are nooooo good bro."
by The Supavillian March 13, 2008
26 7
Someone who has is so far gone in the way of being perpertually bluntsted that you have a raging amount of THC coarsing through your veins, leaving someone in a state of dream like existence, what binge drinking is to blazing.
" I am forty blunts deep in this week and it feels like I'm am bluntsted outta my skull, I am a blunt head this week mannnn."

" I watched that movie 'waking life' yesterday and the shit felt eeeeeeeriellly similar to my life the past eight days or so."
by The Supavillian March 16, 2008
12 3