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A widely enjoyed mixed drink originally from Danville, Virginia. Through years of production, the recipe has remained the same: Mixed to your preference - Vodka (preferably orange flavored), fruit punch, and a slice of orange. The Stav's counterpart, the Lavve, is a similar drink which is made by mixing (again to your preference) Vodka, lime juice, fruit punch, and a slice of lime.

Currenty, both the Stav and the Lavve are the premier drinks of "Bonelandia", a small fraternity within Danville. The creater of these masterpieces and one of the founders of "Bonelandia", The Stav Himself, is a resident of Danville and is, to this day, the only person to know the secret to making a perfect Stav.
Those Stavs were so strong, it only took two of them for me to get completely sloshed.
by The Stav Himself January 25, 2009
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