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A clean bowel movement which requires no wiping or clean-up job later. Usually followed by an eerie sense of achievement and happiness. Large movements can sometimes be referred to as a Double Teflon or a Monster Teflon
- “Why are you looking so pleased with yourself?”
- “Dropped a Teflon mate”
by The Spike February 21, 2007
Ejactulating over a womens breasts or Bristols.

I gave her the bristol pistol
by The Spike February 21, 2007
i) Used to gloat about a victory over another person. Similar to shouting "Owned" but a much harsher term. Originated in the Docklands. Insinuates that you beat them so badly that it was the equivalent to dropping their kecks and dry riding them.

ii) Anal sex without lubrication, almost always a denied request
i) You see me kick Keif's arse at football last night -- NO LUBE!

ii) Fancy some "no lube"?
by The Spike February 21, 2007
An erection at a awkward moment, usually a business meeting where ladies are present.

Often noticed when you stand up and shake the lady in questions hand.

Usually an attempt is made to hide it by arcing the back at a 45 degree angle and shuffling out the room.

I'm not sure we got that deal mate, Phil was nursing a boardroom banana all the way through.
by The Spike February 21, 2007
A women coughing up pubic hair lodged deep in her throat after 'ball sucking' or hardcore deep throating.
I think I 'tea bagged' Tiffany too much last night, she got sack hack
by The Spike February 21, 2007
A term for administering rough anal sex, usually to a ass virgin.

A favourite move of the notorious ladies man 'Ibby', who is believed to have coined the phrase.

That bird won't look so high and mighty when I bash the back doors in on it
by The Spike February 21, 2007
Moving in a different direction in order to avoid gay people in your path.

Wow, Sausage Fest ahead, better hang a fag zag
by The Spike February 21, 2007

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