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The next level in pew gun technology. When a person either says something or even looks like a huge tool, you must pull out the imaginary bazooka, station it over your shoulder, and shoot them down immediately. One arm over the pewzooka, as if you are holding a sack of potatoes or any other heavy objects. This should be used in instances where the pew gun just simply isn't strong enough. Please use only when approaching large crowds of pewness, and if you must use it against only one person, make sure they are the biggest tool you have ever seen. I'm talkin like Carrottop level tool.
Drew: Yo Doug you think this shirt looks good. (Drew is wearing a pink Polo with the collar popped)
Doug: (pulls out the pew guns) pew pew pew
Drew: Shut up man this looks fine, will you put some more gel in my blowout?
Doug: (drops to one knee and loads the pewzooka) PEW!!!!!!

Example 2: Any club in North Jersey with more than 0 blowout haircuts present, definitely a pewzooka-worthy situation.
by The Source of 70 Browning April 23, 2006

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