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The act of sticking a funnel into someone's butthole and pouring warm nacho cheese down into it. Once the cheese is inside, tell your partner to exert the cheese out, this can achieved by putting pressure in your butt or simply farting it out. Once the cheese is oozing out, lick up all the nacho cheese.
I went to Mexico last spring break, you wouldn't believe all the Tijuanan Slip 'n Slide attractions they got over there.
by The Shotputters April 17, 2007
A both surprising and fun way to have fun with your female lover. Before intercourse state that you must go out to get some condoms and lubricant, then place your own fecal matter into a brown paper bag and give it to her. Your partner will open it only to find a pile of feces inside, then take the bag and smash it on her head or face and scream, "Turkish Delight!"
I gave my girlfriend a Turkish Delight last night, I'll probably never see her again, but it was damn worth it.
by The Shotputters April 17, 2007

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