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One who practices 'Black Magic'. i.e. is capable of seducing European women, often by the use of ancient magic potions such as Rohypnol.
N1: I see that nigger has bagged himself another whitey, know what I'm sayin'?

N2: Like yo. Dat nigger is one sweeeet Negromancer, he's gonna romance her good.

N1: Although technically it's considered rape.

N2: Quite so.
by The Sharpster December 19, 2007
–noun Pathology.
Paralysis of all four limbs or of the entire body below the neck due to excessive intake or narcotic substances. Articulation is often affected.
N1: "Hey nigger, pass me dat crack pipe, know what I'm sayin?"

N2: "I'd love to assist you in your request my black brother, however I have partaken of so much Crack-cocaine this day that I'm afraid it has rendered me quite 'negroplegic!'"

N1: "Aw nigger! I is gonna has to gets my own crack pipe, because o' yo' 'Negroplegic' ass!

N2: "Quite so."
by The Sharpster December 17, 2007

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