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A small person who's only way to get sex would be to star in midget porn.
Where's that porn dwarf Lance gone now...
by The Scotsman September 21, 2005
A person who supports Glasgow Rangers and lives elsewhere in the world but can also be used to describe a normal Weegie Rangers fan as they rarely wash.
A person with a low I.Q as they follow follow Rangers but never go to games but like to glory hunt.
Dave you dirty hun how's the league campaign going.
Has anyone seen that dirty hun as the toilets need unblocking.
by The Scotsman September 28, 2005
To have had sex and found it to be rubbish.
Sandra was malleted by Gary.
by The Scotsman September 28, 2005
A term used to slag your friends with.
Lance your frotting minkle get the beers in.
by The Scotsman September 23, 2005
Someone who looks mental impaired or has a gormless look about them.
Doesn't Lance look like a downy
by The Scotsman September 23, 2005
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