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Qiggles with joy. To smile or laugh at someone's comment
person 1: have you heard about LMAOROTFL
person 2: QWJ. That's hillarious
by The Rumbler August 07, 2007
Not Safe For Republicans
"This poster of Obama is NSFR"
by The Rumbler January 05, 2009
an acronym, short for Wife Beater Friday. Wife Beater being a blue Bonds brand singlet. Other colours (non-blue) are accepted under extenuating circumstances, but it's commonly known that a wife beater must be blue. Wife Beater Friday being the day that you must wear your wife beater to work. This is EVERY friday.
Employee 1: "Hey, it's WBF, where's your 'beater?"
Employee 2: "It's in the wash"
Employee 1: "Wash? you wash it? Poof!"
by The Rumbler May 08, 2008
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