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The Thor kick is a technique in which both legs are used to kick, essentially a double front thrust kick. This move is particularly deadly, as you have both twice the power and surface radius when the kick connects.

Do beware, you will be landing on your rear. This technique is not for a pansy.
Chris Hemsworth totally Thor Kicked that guy!

"How'd that guy break his arms?"
"He attempted a Thor Kick."
"Wow. what a pansy ."
by The Rogue Mando January 03, 2012
For something to be standard issue is for it to be completely ordinary, average, nothing special, or unimpressive.

Ordinarily used when someone believes something they did to be amazing when it is in fact very much not.
Wow... pretty standard issue.

I'm the millionith visitor!
Sounds standard issue.
by The Rogue Mando May 29, 2012
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