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3 definitions by The Real Sir sNills

(Noun) - 1) The outing that one partakes in when the desire to consume a Cinnabun becomes so great it can no longer be ignored.

2) A fat person's Saturday night.

Note: Not to be confused with Cinnaruns, which is the massive, runny dumps that occurs after eating too many cinnabuns.
Jayna: Lets go get some cinnabuns. I'm full, but I really want some of that frosting.

Adam: Sure, I'm up for a cinnarun.

Jayna: Oh man, I think I've actually still got the Cinnaruns from last Saturday. Better put a hold on that.
by The Real Sir sNills February 04, 2012
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Bleackpedaling- (verb) When a white person, whether accidentaly or on purpose, makes a racist comment about a black person and then feverishly tries to retract his/her previous statement(s).
Jim: So then I said, 'Its because all black people look the same!'

John: HAHA... uh oh... I think Arsenio heard that. Better start blackpedaling.
by The Real Sir sNills January 08, 2012
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(Adjective) The state of being completely and utterly confused during an online chat of any kind. Sometimes a result of trying to carry on several conversations at the same time. If you're extremely unlucky, it might result in you doing some blackpedaling.
(Adj.) Mike (via Facebook chat): So yeah, if you've got the cocaine, I'll meet you at the Exxon at midnight, Thursday.

Tom: Bro, you've gone totally chatshit. You were just telling me how to fix a Timex.

Mike: Damn, I've gotta stop having too many conversations at once
by The Real Sir sNills January 19, 2012
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