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A foul state. It's so horrible; it's full or rednecks and really ghetto people. The state is full of ugly dilapidated cities and people who keep framed picture of George W. Bush on their mantle and pray to the lord and savior Jesus Christ (amen) every night before their dinner of bar-b-qued ham and crystal meth.

The state was partially responsible for starting the civil war (despite what you might hear from the south) so basically they were posers before the word poser came into wide use. They were little toy soldiers fighting hard to for slavery and the South even though they lived in the Midwest so they could sit at what they thought was the cool kids lunch table.
I was in St. Louis yesterday and I was surrounded by gang members, I had to get out of there....so I hot-tailed it to Kansas. As I drove there I could actually feel the red neck aura of Mizzu-ruh radiating outward and trying to penetrate my clean, sensible Nebraskan body. Missouri sucks so bad I actually had to go to Kansas to escape. That should tell you something.
by The Real Sam! September 15, 2005

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