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The island off the south of the United States, to the west of Cuba. It is an island of spicy food and good music, the homeland of the Cajun people. It has been subject to a lot of "downplaying". People from the island of Cajea are practitioners of Cajunism.
"What's on that raft?" "Oh, it's just immigrants from Cajea. Let's just say they are French."
#cajun #cajunism #james carville #louisiana #spicy
by The Prohaskinator November 25, 2008
The act of being Cajun, or being from the island of Cajea.
James Carville is a big practicer of Cajunism.
#cajun. spicy #james #carville #cajea #pseudo-french
by The Prohaskinator November 24, 2008
The kind of afro that white people have.
Guy 1: "Dude, nice caucfro."
Guy 2: "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Guy 1: "You know, your hair. 'Cause you're from caucfrica!"
#afro #caucfro #cockfro #caucfrica #crackers
by The Prohaskinator December 21, 2009
When you take one fist and insert it into a woman's vagina, and then take your other fist and insert it into her anus. You then proceed to lift her up over your head and carry her above you like she were in a Roman carriage being carried by slaves.
"Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum..."
#fist #roman #forum #vagina #anus
by The Prohaskinator January 20, 2010
Very thin, although not muscular or toned in anyway, just flabby all over.
Girl 1: "Check out that guy, he's so buff."

Girl 2: "Eck, no thanks, give me that bohemian body type."
Girl 1: "Bohemian body type?"

Girl 2: "Yes ma'am, skinny and flabby all over!"
#bohemian #body type #skinny #thin #flabby
by The Prohaskinator February 09, 2010
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